Affair Recovery With Proven Methods

Affair Recovery With Proven Methods

Perhaps you’ve been cheated on by a partner, if that’s the case I want to say to you that I am so so sorry that you are having to deal with the betrayal of a loved one.

Learn How To Completely Heal From The Pain of Infidelity Without Spending Months or Weeks in Counseling

Get To The Bottom Of It Make Sure There Is No More

Why this happened

How to understand where, when and what to Trust

What to do to begin to move forward, whether together or apart

Understand what the affair means and how to move forward

Learn the strategies and ways to create a really honest communication with one another

Have bigger and deeper conversations about your relationship than ever before.

The fact that you are reading this however means that you really care deeply and are interested in what really can be done to help a couple heal after infidelity.

I want to tell you that in the midst of all of this pain there is a way to HEAL and there is HOPE.

First of all couples tell me they feel all sorts of feelings about infidelity

This issue in relationships is much more common than you might believe.

You have got to be having so many feelings right now, your emotions have to be running wild.

Are you hurt, sad, feeling alone?

Are you so mad and enraged, you want them to stay away, but..

Do you want your best friend, to tell them how they have hurt you?

Do you feel like you have fallen out of love?

Maybe you feel like roommates more than lovers?

Do you feel like you are losing them but nothing you say brings them closer?

Perhaps you notice they are losing weight, working out, dressing differently?

It might be one of you or both of you have confessed to cheating?

Did you find red flags on Facebook, texts, or pictures on their phone? Do they just seem TOO CLOSE to a coworker, talking after work too?

Did someone tell you or worse did you walk in on your partner? Sound like you? Then I want to assure you that the feelings you’re having are common. It is overwhelming and people often say they feel like they are going crazy, they just want the pain to stop. Please know that this kind of trauma brings up very similar reactions that those experiencing PTSD suffer.

Learn How To Completely Heal From The Pain of Infidelity Without Spending Months or Weeks in Counseling

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Affair Recovery


I Believe.

1. It is your right to have the chance to have a healthy, happy marriage.

2. You deserve to try everything to help grow and heal your relationship.

3. I will never tell you to get a divorce, every couple must have the chance to benefit for the right therapies.

4. I am open and affirming. I believe that the right to love is part of being human