Communication Counseling

Communication Counseling

Maybe it will get better in time?

Do you struggle over the same issues with no resolution?

Are you starting to flare up to quickly over the little things?

Do you feel life you’ve “fallen out of love”?

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Couples Counseling changes the Negative Communication Cycle


Do you feel sexually abnormal or broken?

Have you started fearing separation or divorce may be necessary?

Have you never experienced sexual desire –or lost the desire you once had?

Having trouble becoming or staying aroused ?

Since very few of us have taken a technical course in preparation for the greatest endeavor we undertake, marriage,

WHY WOULD WE naturally know how to heal the hurt we can create with one another? US News and World Report calls sexual desire disorders “epidemic.” A 1998 survey, conducted with psychologists throughout the United States, showed “sexual difficulties” was ranked fourth among the top problems facing today’s families.


Despite your GOOD INTENTIONS to try harder or do better, without more skills in the art of conflict resolution,requesting meaningful behavior changes, and increasing the intimacy, the cycle of crisis and distance has a high likelihood of repeating and worsening. When this happens negativity, resentment, hurtful behaviors, and avoidance thrive. It is important that you take action soon to avoid placing your relationship at greater risk of unhappiness. This greatly opens a relationship up for a crisis opportunity. Too often this can mean distracting ourselves with overworking, internet, emotional affairs or complete infidelity. If you are reading this then I assume, like most couples, you yearn to know the way to recapture the loving in the relationship that you once knew.

At CRC, couples counseling is based on the Emotionally Focused Therapy which is building a safe relationship leading couples to lovingly grow a passionate committed partnership. Monica Houttuin, LCSW has a special interest in sexuality issues in which she specifically aids couples in solving issues that have affected their sexual experiences together.

Couples Sexual Health……read more……

Couples counseling is not a place where couples are encouraged to “vent’ or “get it all out” or even just fight in front of a professional referee. Counseling is about partners learning what fighting is about and ways to avoid it.

Skills are taught such as listening, safely communicating (especially when discussing the tough stuff), increasing joy, and turning concerns into real noticeable changes. The therapist teaches, guides and coaches each partner in-session and assigns meaningful yet simple activities to be done at home as well. By doing this old patterns are untwisted and new meaning creates the opportunity for joy, harmony and fun once again.

Over and over again couples, for more than a decade, have been taught to create loving and meaning out of what was once chaotic.

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